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We value personal information, and have enacted and enforced our “privacy policy” to abide by the related laws and regulations, including the “Personal Information Protection Act.”
1. General provisions
1) “Personal information” refers to any recorded information about an individual, which can uniquely identify the individual (including any combined information), such as the name, resident registration number, or photo.
2) We conform to the personal information protection regulation as specified in the Privacy Act, and personal information protection policy established by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security. The processing of personal information is open, so that the subject of the information can review the status of his/her information at any time.
2. Personal information items and collection method
1) Personal information to collect (Retail shop information): Name, e-mail address, phone number, and fax number.
2) Collection method: The “Retail shop application form” will be collected when a first-time transaction is made with the retail shop.
3. The collected personal information
Will be used and retained for the purpose of retail shop status management and smooth transactions with the retail shop, as described below in detail.
1) Collection purpose: The provided personal information will be collected for smooth transactions, such as order processing between our company and retail shops, delivery, and tax invoice issuing. The collected information will be used for business purposes only.
2) Retention period: The collected information will be retained for 5 years after the transaction termination in accordance with Article 85.3, Basic National Tax Law. The information will be destroyed with the transaction data after 5 years.
4. Provision of the personal information
The provided personal information will be provided to the following companies for retail shop status management and smooth transactions with retails shops.
1) GS ITM: The information will be provided for this electronic tax invoice issuing agent for the purpose of issuing a tax invoice.
2) Philip Morris: The information will be provided to this tobacco supplier for the purpose of analyzing retail shop status, sales volume, and setting targets.
5. Rights and duties of the personal information provider, and exercise methods
1) The personal information provider can retrieve his/her personal information, or request modification, deletion, or withdrawal of consent at any time. Upon receiving the request, the data will be provided after the identification process. (Personal information modification request: General Administration Department: +82-2-549-5210 (ext. 554))
2) If modification of an error in the provided personal information is requested, we will not use or provide the personal information in question until modification is completed. If the information has already been provided to a third party, the third party will be notified of the modification without delay for immediate correction.
3) If the provided information needs to be modified, please contact us to prevent a possible incident. If any incident occurs due to non-correction of the information, the information provider shall bear the responsibility.
4) The information provider shall bear the responsibility for any incident caused by false personal information.
6. Privacy manager
1) Privacy manager: Kim Beom-Soo, General Manager, General Administration Department: +82-2-549-5210 (ext. 558)
7. Safety measures to protect personal information
The following technical, administrative, and physical measures are being taken to secure the safety of the customer’s personal information, so that the personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, altered, or damaged while being handled.
1) All important personal information is encrypted for archiving and management.
2) Countermeasures against hacking and other malicious attacks
① Our best efforts are in place to prevent the disclosure or damage of customers' personal information due to hacking or a computer virus.
② Data is regularly backed up to ensure safety if any damage of personal information occurs. We use the latest antivirus software to prevent the disclosure or damage of the customer’s personal information. In addition, encrypted communication is used to transmit personal information safely on the network.
③ The intrusion prevention system is used to control unauthorized outside access. We are putting forth our best efforts to maintain all possible technical equipment to obtain system security.
3) Minimization of personal information handling and related training
① The employee that handles personal information is limited to the person in charge only. A separate password is assigned for this purpose, and the password is updated regularly. The person in charge is regularly trained on personal information management safety.
② Transferring duties related to personal information handling is performed securely. In addition, the responsibility of any personal information incidents is clarified after employment and leaving the company.
③ The computing room and data archive room are designated as restricted areas to thoroughly control access.
8. Notice of a change in the personal information handling guidelines
If a “privacy policy” is added, deleted, or modified, the reason and details will be communicated 7 days prior to the change.
We will abide by the laws and regulations stipulated in the “Privacy Act”, and thoroughly manage the provided information so that it is not used for other purposes.
We will abide by the laws and regulations stipulated in the “Privacy Act”, and thoroughly manage the provided information so that it is not used for other purposes.
Effective date: February 28, 2012